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Organisation frameworks

Templates for shaping your movement
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Last update: Jul 3, 2023

As your movement grows, you will likely find it becomes harder to make decisions quickly. You might lose track of who is responsible for certain tasks. You may lose motivation, because your goals seem so far out of reach. Setting up a good movement framework can help your organise better.

Movement types

The most successful movements learn from movements before them. Not every movement is the same. Choose a way of organizing that fits your group:

  • 🗺 Distributed organizing: A decentralized approach that emphasizes empowering individuals and small groups to take initiative and create change. It is more grassroots in nature and relies on self-organization and communication.

  • 🐳 Big organizing: Big organizing involves a centralized team that works together in a coordinated effort to achieve a goal. Often used by political parties and larger nonprofits.

Project & team management

Do not reinvent the wheel: other movements have tried out many different ways of organising. Use the following frameworks to get inspired:

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