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Rebel Tools 🦋

Tools for actvivists
Last update: Mar 13, 2022

Rebel Tools is an alternative for Action Network. It is an open source toolset for organisers to grow their movements. It is the perfect tool for progressive campaigners looking to mobilise activists for protests.

Rebel Tools is build by the people behind Activist Handbook. Based on the experiences of activists around the globe, we decided to build the perfect toolset for rebels.

What is Rebel Tools?

Rebel Tools is an all-in-one toolset for activists, build by experienced campaigners. You can create signup landing pages, host events and organise campaigns. It is easy to use with smart automated suggestions on how to grow your movement.

Can I use Rebel Tools for free?

Yes, Rebel Tools is 100% free for movements with up to 1K rebels. There are no paid features, you always get access to the full package. If you like it, we encourage you to make a donation to cover the costs of keeping Rebel Tools online.

What features does Rebel Tools offer?

Rebel Tools includes the following features:

  • Page builder: With the page builder, you can customise the design adding your own colours. Your landing page automatically includes a signup form for people to join your movements.
  • Event calendar: You can add all your actions and meetings to the event calendar. Promote your protests and allow activists to RSVP.
  • Petition campaigns: The campaign builder helps you advocate your message and plan long-term action strategies. Collect signatures and reach out to your supporters based on their interests.
  • Community organiser: With the community dashboard you can turn turn your clicktivists into engaged activists. Organise your team with teams and promote your vacancies.
  • Social media manager: Broadcast your message to all your social media platforms, conveniently from one place in Rebel Tools.
  • Integrations: Sync your events with Google Calendar and your Facebook page. Fetch free to use Pexels photos for your event covers. Get Slack notifications when new people join your movement.

Alternative for Action Network

How does Action Network compare to Rebel Tools? The most important difference is that Rebel Tools has a built in landing-page creator, whereas Action Network does not.

While Action Network offers more advanced tools to organise large activist networks, Rebel Tools is more intuitive to use for small to medium sized movements. A major benefit is that small movements get access to all features for free. Another difference is that Rebel Tools is open source.

More tools for activists

Obviously we like Rebel Tools, because we built it ourselves. However, every movement has different needs. That is why we write guides for how to use other digital tools as well. You can find these in our tools chapter.

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