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Let's train 350 million activists

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Humanity is not on the right track. We are destroying our planet. Democratic and human rights are being threatened. And the rich are fuelling the fire. It's time to act.

Let's learn how to bring about change. Join our campaign and help us train 350 million activists:

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Why 350 million?

Science shows that change happens when 3.5% of the population takes action. In 2050, there will be 10 billion people on this planet. That's why we are going to train 350 million activists.

Right now, we train 6000 new activists every month with our guides. You can help us to scale up our project.

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Activist Handbook brings together change-makers all over the globe. We put solidarity into practice by exchanging knowledge.

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How can I help?

Everyone can contribute:

  • 📝 Write or translate articles

  • 📢 Tell people about Activist Handbook

  • 🤑 Make a small donation to support us

You do not need to be an experienced activist. We will help you get started and give you training. Sign up to get started: