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Your privacy when visiting Activist Handbook
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Last update: Mar 31, 2023

On this page, we explain our privacy policy. We talk about what data we collect, for what purposes and with whom we share this data.

Functional data

Data not shared with us

For some functionality on our website, we need to store data on your device. This data stays on your device, and is never sent to us.

Example 1: When you fill out a form, we save your contact details locally on your device. This way, you do not need to fill out your contact details again if you want to fill out another form.

Example 2: We keep track of what actions you have taken on our website, to dynamically change the content that we show to you. So if you sign up for a certain campaign, we will not show you the same campaign again. Instead, we will show you another call to action. This all happens on your device, without sending us any data.

Data shared with us & our partners

Signup forms

If you fill out any of our signup forms, we store your contact information and any other data you provided in our CRM database called Action Network.

Donation forms

If you make a donation, we store your contact information and any other data you provided on our donation platform called Donorbox.

Creating an account & editing our website

If you create an account for our editor, we store your email address, name, preferences, and other data that we need for our editor to function.

The following data is publicly shared and linked to your profile:

  • Your username

  • Your roles

  • Any edits you make

  • A list of articles you recently edited

  • Any images you upload

We make use of Google Firebase to store and process your data (for authentication, database, cloud functions and analytics). We use Cloudflare Images to store images.

Analytics & cookies

Why do we collect analytics data?

We collect analytics data to understand how we can improve our content and website. We also use it to be able to promote Activist Handbook more effectively, for example through ads on Google.

What data do we collect?

We always collect anonymised analytics.

Example 1: We record what website you came from before visiting ours.

Example 2: We record what links you click and other things do you on our website.

Example 3: We record some information about your device, such as the browser you are using.

Option 1: You do not accept cookies

We will not store any cookies on your device. We will still collect anonymised analytics.

Option 2: You do accept cookies

If you accept our cookies, we will also collect analytics linked to a unique identifier. We will store this unique identifier on your device using cookies and other storage technologies and share this data with our analytics providers.

Who do we share data with?

We use the analytics providers below. Check out their websites for more information about their privacy policies:

  • Cloudflare DNS Analytics: Data collected through our DNS provider, Cloudflare.

  • Cloudflare Web Analytics: Data collected through a script that runs in your browser, without using any cookies.

  • Google Analytics: Data collected through a script that runs in your browser. We only use cookies if you choose to accept.

  • Microsoft Clarity: Data collected through a script that runs in your browser. We only use cookies if you choose to accept.

How do I turn off cookies?

You can decline our cookies through the cookie banner that is shown when you first visit our website. If you change your mind, you can turn our cookies on or off at the bottom of every page.

If you do not want us to track anonymised analytics either, we recommend you do install a tracker blocker in your browser, such as Privacy Badger. Note that we will still be able to record some anonymised analytics through our DNS provider.

Data request

If you want to know what data we store about you, send us a message: [email protected]

Delete my data

If you want us to delete your data, send us a message: [email protected]

Note: We cannot delete content you contributed upon request. Any changes you make to our handbook are permanent and saved in our version history. You can change your username, though.

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