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Design Guide of Activist Handbook 🎨

Colours, fonts and logo of Activist Handbook
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Last update: Feb 8, 2023

Want to design something for Activist Handbook? Or use our logo? This is the Activist Handbook design guide.

This design guide contains:

  • Colours

  • Fonts (free download)

  • Logos (free download)

For more information, check out out slideshow.


We use a bright and bold color scheme to reflect our culture of change-making.

We want to make sure our design identity looks consistent across platforms. Take special care when printing or when publishing to online platforms where strong compression is applied to images.

  • Rebelious red: #D70057

  • Digital blue: #0431EA

  • Just black: #000000

  • Not quite white: #FFF8DB


We chose to use Noto Sans as it fits well with our international orientation. Noto Sans was specifically designed to look consistent across different character sets. It is available for almost 100 different languages.

  • Main text: Noto Sans (Regular/Bold/Italics)

  • Large headings Noto Mono (Bold)

Download our fonts

When using our logo, please stick to the following guidelines:

  • Do not alter the logo in any way. For example, do not rotate, change color or skew our logo.

  • Only use it to reference to Activist Handbook.

  • Always use vector files whenever possible.

You can download the vector files (PDF, SVG & EPS) for the logo:

Download our logo

Sizes images

Check out this document for the latest sizes of images:

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