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Community activism

Take action for your community
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Last update: Apr 15, 2023

In this article, we talk about what community activism is and how you can get involved. We'll cover some of the ways in which community activists can make a difference, and provide you with some guides to get started.

What is a community activist?

Community activism is a broad term that can refer to any form of community engagement or involvement. Community activists may be involved in a variety of activities, from organizing community events to advocating for social justice.

It can take many different forms, but all community change-makers share a commitment to making their community a better place. Whether they are working to improve access to education or fighting for economic justice, community activists are working to make their communities stronger and more vibrant.

Community activists are an important part of democracy. By getting involved in their community, activists can help shape the policies and decisions that affect their lives. By raising their voices, community activists can bring about positive change in their communities.

Resources for community activists

Activist Handbook has many guides for community activists. For example, check out our article about how to get the attention of local news media and how to organise a protest action. If you need inspiration how to draw attention to your cause, check out our list of tactics for activists.


What are some examples of community activism?

Examples of community activism include fighting for better schools, working to get more stop signs or crossing guards in a neighborhood, or working to clean up a local park.

Community activists fight for a variety of issues, including social justice, environmental protection, and civil rights.

How can I get involved in community activism?

There are many ways to get involved in community activism, depending on the issue or cause you are passionate about. Some ways to get involved include attending community meetings, joining a local activist organization, or starting your own initiative.

How can I improve my community activism skills?

The best place to learn about community activism is by talking to people who are already involved in activism in your community. You can also look for books, websites, and articles about community activism and social change.

Nobody is born an activist, so we recommend you train yourself. Also make sure to check out all our resources about activism.

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