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Non-mainstream approach to economics
Last update: Dec 2, 2022

Welcome to Post-capitalism. A page about various economics topics that break the cage of capitalist growth and added-value focused economics model.

Action ideas

Organize a "fake money parade" where activists dressed as bankers or wealthy individuals carry large amounts of fake money and march through the streets, drawing attention to the concentration of wealth and power among the top 1%.

Host a "money shower" where activists throw fake money from a rooftop or other high place, simulating the way the wealthy shower their money on politicians and other powerful figures to buy influence and shape policy.

Create a "money maze" where participants must navigate a series of obstacles and challenges to reach the end, symbolizing the obstacles and barriers that the wealthy put in place to protect their wealth and power.

Organize a "money burn" where activists gather to burn stacks of fake money, symbolizing the way the wealthy use their money to fuel destructive practices and policies, such as environmental degradation and inequality.

Host a "money exchange" where participants can trade fake money for goods and services, demonstrating the potential of alternative economic systems that do not rely on money as a sole measure of value.

Doughnut Economic Model

The doughnut economics model is increasingly being imposed as an alternative human development measure, meeting needs and crossing the boundaries of environmental degradation. In the last ten years, the model has been further developed, and more and more, cities are giving up measuring their development through GDP and deciding to switch to the doughnut model, which should ensure that human needs are met in accordance with natural boundaries.

Read full article at GEF website

Commons and Cooperatives

Universal Basic Income

Alternatives to GDP-based statistics

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