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Public speaking for activists

How to give a speach at a protest
Last update: Mar 21, 2022

On this page, you will learn how to speak in public as an activist. This article is useful to read if you need to speak before a large group of protestors, or if you want to prepare for an interview with news media.


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Ways this article could be improved:

  • Add some info on how to deal with nerves
  • Explain how to prepare for speaking publicly
  • Explain how to use feedback to improve
  • Explain how to use hand signals
  • Explain how to organise a public speaking training
  • Add some information on how to make speeches at protests more inclusive by bringing a sign interpeter or showing subtitles on a screen. Also explain that there should be a space in the front that is easily accesible with wheelchairs.
  • Add some information on how to keep large groups of people safe (maybe link to other article). Especially if you have a well known speaker, you might want to make use of fences and people in coloured vests to keep them safe.

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