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Tools for archiving

Safe, accessible and decetralized
Last update: Mar 20, 2022

In this article we try to present a model of archiving for activist purposes inspired by projects of communal archiving. In addition we will try to present solutions in how to make archiving safe, accessible and decentralized.

If youโ€™re interested in learning more about the process of archiving itself, visit the article Community Archiving in the chapter Organizing.

Communal Archiving Digitization

This segment of the article is a summary of / direction to toolkits and guides for digitization. We have to make sure to not get in trouble with intellectual property laws.

Creating a Digitization Plan, Digital Preservation Handbook, Image Capturing and Management,

Privacy in Archiving - Protecting the safety of people

There are two different aspects of privacy to take into account - the privacy of people who are users of the archive and those whose stories are parts of collections. There are often also legal requirements to protect the privacy of information (precise laws vary from country to country). It is best practice to ask for consent from any living people whose information is a part of an archival collection, before providing researchers and other stakeholders with access to these collections.

Community archives and GDPR

Accessible Archiving - Archives in service of users

This segment of the article covers the basics of how to approach the steps in Processing that are ethical and have user experience research built into its pracrices. The importance of constant negotiating with the users and other stakeholders who contribute to the archive.

Decentralized Archiving - A network of Prosumers vs Cloud Storage

This segment examines the options for storage of digital archives in order to make them harder to bring down in case of attacks or attempts to change the archive.

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  • Rebel Tools - open source opportunity, Archivematica is a good place to start from but also touch upon cloud storage, servers for storing information.

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