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Decision making

Guide: consensus decison making and other models
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Last update: Feb 18, 2023

This section of the Organising chapter provides tools for analysis of the organisations from the perspective of power allocation in decision making and facilitation.

Decision-making models

  • Elections

  • Consensus (page needs to be created)

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  • Decision making

    • Structure: centralised/decentralised

    • Accountability & responsibility

    • Quick decision making during actions

  • Democratic decision making (giving everyone the opportunity to speak, but at the same time still being able to make swift decisions)

  • Having clear rules on decision making (preventing the rule of the strongest/loudest in the absence of guidelines on decision making)

  • Delegation (working in teams)

  • Making sure everyone feels heard (step-up/step-down technique)

  • Quick decision making (in the heat of the moment during actions)

  • Effective brainstorming (not just coming up with ideas but actually bringing them to life)

  • Add a page on how to use the werewolves game to train in facilitation and decision-making.

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