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Snowflake model

Grassroots organizing structure for activists
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Last update: May 8, 2024

In this guide, you will learn how the snowflake model empowers grassroots organizations to achieve their goals. Through fostering distributed leadership, developing leaders from within, and prioritizing strong relationships, this model creates a resilient and adaptable structure that can weather challenges and propel your movement forward.

What is the snowflake model?

The snowflake model is a way to structure organizations involved in grassroots activism, placing an emphasis on distributed leadership and relationship building. Here are some key features of the snowflake model:

  • Distributed Leadership: Power isn't concentrated at the top. Instead, small teams have leaders who are responsible for their group and accountable to each other. This fosters a sense of ownership and initiative among members.

  • Developing Leaders: A core tenet is that everyone plays a role in identifying and nurturing leadership qualities in others. Leaders train and empower others to become leaders themselves, creating a ripple effect throughout the organization.

  • Strong Relationships: The foundation of the snowflake model is the web of connections between individuals. By prioritizing relationship building, the model fosters a sense of community and shared purpose that strengthens the organization.

The snowflake structure allows for adaptability and resilience in grassroots movements. With multiple leaders and strong connections, the organization can keep moving forward even if there are setbacks.

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