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Grants for nonprofits

Grant-writing: how to apply for funds
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Last update: Sep 29, 2023

In this article, you will learn how to apply for grants to support your cause. We have made a list of grants for nonprofit organisations and activist movements.

There are a number of grants available for activists who are working to make a difference in their communities. These grants can provide funding for a variety of activities, including community organising, advocacy and international collaboration. Grants can be a great way to support the work of activists, and there are a number of organisations that provide grant funding for activists.

List of activist grants

  • Resist: โ€œResist is a foundation that supports people's movements for justice and liberation. We redistribute resources back to frontline communities at the forefront of change while amplifying their stories of building a better world.โ€

  • Guerrilla Foundation: "True to our name, the Guerrilla Foundation resources activists & grassroots movements in building pockets of resistance while carrying out radical societal transformations needed to cultivate a living, circular economy with a deeply democratic society that prioritises social & ecological wellbeing."

  • Students for Liberty (form not working): "We offer student groupsย up to $250 in activism grants. This grant is meant to enable you to create a really great event or activity on campus that will help you educate students on some facet of the ideas of limited government."

  • Fund Action: FundAction is an activist-led participatory grantmaking fund. We shift decision-making power over funding from funders to affected communities and activists working on the frontlines.

  • Patagonia: "Patagonia supports environmental organizations with bold, direct-action agendas and a commitment to long-term change."

  • CLIMA Fund (Twitter): "We mobilize philanthropy by investing in on-the-ground leaders behind the most sustainable and effective solutions to our global climate crisis."

European Union


United Kingdom

  • Edge Fund (Twitter): Member-run fund supporting work that challenges abuses of power & aims to bring an end to the systems that cause injustice


Grant writing

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