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Movement mobilization

Growing small groups and mass mobilization for protests
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Last update: Nov 5, 2023

In this article, we explain how to mobilize people for your movement. Use this guide to learn how to recruit volunteers for your nonprofit or mobilize a large group of people for a protest.

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A great way to attract new members is to make yourself and your values visible, especially if your organisation is new and unknown to other like-minded people. What are the problems your organisation is passionate to solve or to highlight? Stage a protest, for example. Be bold, be visible.

In order to be visible, you need media and social media exposure. A hot topic or a relevant issue can be the backdrop for your activity. Make sure your response to it is swift and appropriate. Use the momentum around an issue, build on it. Then make sure your response, for example, a protest or a strike, is properly and timely communicated to the media. Send press releases a couple of days in advance (if possible) and invite the media. Make sure to post on social media, too, since you cannot rely on conventional media to pick up your story at all times.

At first you might not get a lot of participants in your public activities, so do invite your friends and comrades. A flashmob or a protest looks way better with 25 people than 3.

If your activity fails to garner initial press and social media attention, you can still try to make yourself heard and seen with social media posts and an additional press release. Good photographs and videos are really important for visibility. If your past activity looks interesting and valuable to potential new members, it increases the likelihood more people will join your organisation. Donโ€™t be afraid to toot your own horn and be your own best advertiser. A great call to join your organization? A picture with your most impressive past activities and simple โ€œcome join usโ€ text.

Once you have attracted new activists, the next challenge is to keep them in the movement and engaged (connects with chapter โ€œHow to keep members in your movement, organisationโ€).


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What is the difference between organizing and mobilizing?

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