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Networking in Activism

How to outreach
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Last update: Mar 20, 2023

How to outreach

In this article, young activists can learn how to utilize family, friends, and school groups to promote their projects to the people they know around them.

Local Communities

Itโ€™s easier to find potential members in your immediate community. When youโ€™re just starting out, your platform is too small to immediately leap into the Internet wilderness. However, there is security in gathering core members with people you are familiar with. Starting to engage and recruit people from your local communities is a tangible way for you to get your passion project off the ground.

School Communities

  • School

    • Clubs

      • Advertise and promote your project idea in different clubs that relate with your passion project?

      • EG: You have your activism project about racial prejudice in AI, you can present your idea in from of the tech club as a student-led conference

    • Classroom

      • Discuss with your teachers in subjects related to your project about different ways the classroom can engage in civic expression

        • promote your project idea and present your work to the class
    • Extracurriculars

Extra-Curricular Communities

  • Volunteer Service

    • if you already volunteer your services with other in a unique way, then you already know some people who share the same passions as you!

      • eg. volunteering at a library might let you meet people who also have a passion for tutoring, literacy, etc

Online Communities

Online Friends

  • Social media is built to connect people with similar interests

  • Close friends youโ€™ve made on Insta, Discord, or Twitter, etc will be a great place to start finding people who would like to be a part of your community

Have Courage

Itโ€™s okay to be nervous!

  • The idea of connecting with others and sharing your passion is being vulnerable!

  • Why you should take the risk:

    • โ€ฆ

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