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Right to protest in Serbia

Last update: Dec 19, 2022

In this article, you will learn what legal rights you have as an activist in Serbia. In addition, we discuss common police practices at protests.

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Here are some questions that activists in Serbia might have about the right to protest & police practices:

  1. What are the legal protections for the right to protest in Serbia?
  2. Can protesters be arrested or detained for exercising their right to protest?
  3. What are the limits on the use of force by police during protests in Serbia?
  4. Can protesters be required to obtain a permit before holding a demonstration?
  5. How can protesters peacefully resist police violence or abuse during a protest?
  6. Can protesters be punished for protesting without a permit, even if their protest was peaceful?
  7. Can protesters be charged with crimes for blocking roads or disrupting traffic during a protest?
  8. Can police use tear gas, water cannons, or other forms of crowd control during protests in Serbia?
  9. How can protesters protect themselves from police brutality during a protest?
  10. Can protesters be held responsible for any property damage that occurs during a protest, even if they did not personally cause the damage?

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