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Develop your activist strategy

Writing a strategy for your movement
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Last update: Feb 18, 2023

Here you will find articles and resources to help you write a strategy for your movement. We have added step-by-step guides for organising workshop sessions to start writing a strategy together with fellow rebels.

Methods for developing a strategy

  • Theory of Change (ToC): A methodology used for strategy and evaluation. The model of ToC starts by defining a long-term goal and then works backwards by identifying preconditions needed to achieve this goal.

Templates & workgroup guides

There is no โ€œone right wayโ€ to capture and communicate all the elements of strategy. Some organisations have a preference for simple one-page tables. Others use longly narrative formats or complex documents that extend to 20 pages or more. Some templates weโ€™ve seen used effectively are:

  • tCA strategy chart: This chart shows the anatomy of a campaign strategy. It provides a compact overview of different elements of strategizing and suggestions for processes your group can use to develop them.

  • tCA campaign strategy template: a template incorporating elements of strategy and suggested processes to develop each element with members of your group

  • tCA Basic strategy grid: An adapted version of the Midwest Academyโ€™s community organising grid, this simple table provides one way of developing and integrating key pieces of a strategy in a logical sequence.

  • tCA Strategic planning template: This format has been used by medium-sized environment groups in their annual planning cycle. A simple table requiring vision, objectives, resources and performance indicators. The table is also useful for evaluation purposes.

  • Facilitating strategy planning

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