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Strategy evaluation

Measuring success for your nonprofit or activist movement
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Last update: Mar 28, 2023

What will success look like and how will you know when itโ€™s happening? Be sure not to emphasise the outputs that are easiest to count. Focus instead on the outcomes that really matter to your objectives.

Success indicators need to be directly linked to your objectives and might include:

  • Outputs: What quantitative results will be brought about by your activities. What will be the results?

  • Outcomes: What changes will be brought about?

  • Impact: What will be longer-term results or changes?

  • Indicators: How will you know you have achieved your objectives? What are the changes that you will be able to observe?

  • Means of verification: How can you prove these changes have occurred?

  • Details of how and when the campaign plan will be revised.

  • Identify who will be responsible for gathering the data for monitoring success indicators, how they will do it and how regularly reports will be completed.

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