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Volunteer guide: Our meetings

Find out how we meet
Last update: Nov 11, 2021

In this guide, we explain when and how we meet. We highly recommend volunteers to subscribe to our Google Calendar.


We follow a 4-week schedule, as outlined below. We encourage all volunteers to join our General and Governance meetings.

Circles other than the core circle may schedule their own meetings as well. Check the relevant Slack channels for the dates of those meetings.

Week 1General meeting
Week 2Core circle meeting
Week 3Governance meeting
Week 4Core circle meeting
After week 4, repeat.

Virtual workspace

When you are working on Activist Handbook, you can join a huddle on Slack, to show that you are available for others. This way, we simulate a virtual 'workspaceโ€™.

Meeting formats

Our meetings always follow a structured format. There are two formats that we use:

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