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Volunteer guide: Tools we use

Volunteers at Activist Handbook use these tools to work effectively
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Last update: Mar 2, 2023

In this article, we explain what digital tools our volunteers use frequently. We highly encourage you to ask for help if you have trouble using one of these tools.

Tech training

All new volunteers get a tech training to help you get started using our digital tools. Our tech supporter will reach out to you to schedule a video call.

We recommend everyone to follow this tech training, even if you are tech savvy.

Did we forget to give you a tech training? Send us a message: [email protected]

Google Workplace

Every Activist Handbook volunteer gets their own personal Google Workspace account. With the account, you get access to:

Step 1: Request access

Ask a coordinator to get access to your Google Workspace account.

Step 2: Sign in to Google Chrome

Add a new profile to Google Chrome and sign in using your Google Workspace account. Your email address is [email protected].

Step 3: Secure your account โš ๏ธ

Important security steps:

  • As an activist, you are a high-risk target for hackers. Take security seriously. Use a randomly generated password and safely store it in a password manager.

  • We require all volunteers to turn on 2-step verification immediately after creating your account!

Gmail & Google Groups

All volunteers get their own email addresses, which can be accessed via Gmail. For example: [email protected]

In addition, all circles have their own email addresses. For example, the finance circle can be contacted via [email protected]

When we receive an email on those addresses, a notification will be sent in the relevant Slack channel. In addition, each circle member will receive the email in their personal Gmail inbox.

In Google Groups, you can see all the emails for a specific circle. Here, you can also delegate emails to specific people.


In Passwd, you can find all passwords that you have been given access to. Sign in with your Google Workspace account.

If you need access to a certain password, ask a coordinator.


We use Airtable to keep track of all our projects & to-dos. Watch these training videos to learn how to use Airtable.

Option A: For core circle members

Members of the core circle get access to a pro subscription.

  1. Sign in to Passwd with your Google Workplace account and find the password details for Airtable.

  2. Sign in to Airtably with the login details you just copied.

Option B: For all other volunteers

Use this invite link to join our workspace (only accessible with your Google Workspace account).


We use Slack to communicate. Make sure to download the app and turn on notifications.

You can either join our Slack by signing in with your Google Workspace account or with this invite link.

All volunteers get free access to a Slack Pro subscription.


Sign in using your Google Workspace account by clicking the โ€˜Volunteersโ€™ signup method.


Volunteers get free access to Grammarly Pro. Ask a coordinator to give you your signing details.

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