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Film as activist tactic

Last update: Nov 10, 2022

This guide is for anyone who wants to use film to further their cause. It offers tips on how to use film to raise awareness, change hearts and minds, and ultimately create social change.

Potential impact

There is no one answer to this question as the effectiveness of films depends on a variety of factors, ranging from the quality of the film itself to the way it is promoted and distributed. However, there are a few general tips that can help make films more impactful:

  1. Make sure the film is high quality and well-made. This is the most important factor in determining whether a film will be successful.
  2. Promote the film heavily. Use social media, online advertising, and traditional marketing techniques to get the word out about the film.
  3. Make sure the film is easily accessible. Ensure that it is available on multiple platforms and that people can watch it without any difficulty.
  4. Create a buzz around the film. Use word-of-mouth marketing and other techniques to generate excitement and interest in the film.

Resources needed

Activists need a variety of resources to organise a film. They need access to a camera and editing equipment, as well as people who are willing to act or to be interviewed and appear on camera. They also need to raise funds to cover the costs of production and distribution.

How to organise

Add practical steps on how to get started using film as an activist tacicโ€ฆ


One example of a successful film for activists is the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth." This film helped to raise awareness about the dangers of climate change and inspired people to take action to protect the environment.

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These are some questions people may have:

  1. What is the purpose of the film?
  2. What is the message of the film?
  3. What are the goals of the filmmakers?
  4. How will the film be used?
  5. Who is the intended audience for the film?
  6. How to get people to take action after watching film?

External resources

Storytelling and Social Activism with Young People by Marilyn Metta


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