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How to use Discord for communication, outreach, and promotion
Last update: Jun 3, 2022

Here we will learn how to use Discord as a tool to engage existing and potential collaborators.


Discord is often called “Slack for Gamers”. It has channels similar to Slack. It lacks the threading feature. It has additional community oriented features like custom emojis. It's generally more casual and playful in it's design. It has a focus on voice and video chat and allows for “always on” voice chat rooms that people can casually drop in and out of on a whim.

  • Discord is a worldwide platform where users can make certain servers and invite others to chat.
  • Discord is primarily used by groups to build a community around certain interests or established relationships.
  • Because Discord’s way of doing things is for users to find servers based on their interests, there are a lot of ways an organization can utilize Discord as a way to promote their project.

Avenue 1: Creating a server

  • The primary way people use Discord for their groups is by creating a server of their own.
    • “The best way to promote your brand on Discord is to build a business-specific community server, along with different related channels for conversation. You can then invite users to join, have them find you organically through browsing the platform, or promote it on your other social channels and in marketing materials” (Hubspot).
    • There are several ways you can get your services out there by either listing your server on the server listings or hosting public events.
    • Having a server is like having a home base for your activist project. It’s not only a way of promotion, but it’s a great way to organize.

Avenue 2: Server outreach

  • Outreach via Discord can be done well by engaging people in other servers related to your interests. For example, if your activist project is a youth-run project about art and climate change, then you can promote your project on a server that talks about a broad server about climate change.
    • There are two things you need to make sure of before you promote:
      • One is that you have permission to promote your project on the server. Second, you have to make sure you explain why your organization is different from the server you’re currently promoting in. To illustrate, if your small project is specifically for youths about art and climate change, then it’d be good to promote in a large server about climate change in general. Be sure to say “ATTENTION ALL ARTISTIC ACTIVISTS FROM AGES 13-20!” So that those in your member demographic will see that first and be like: “Oh, that’s me! This sounds interesting.”

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