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Photo libraries for activists

Free images and pictures
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Last update: Apr 15, 2023

Below we have collected a list of platforms where you can find photos and images of protestors for free. Many of these have been published under a creative commons licence, or similar. Also make sure to check out our illustration and video footage collections.

Make sure to double check the licence for all material you use. And even if no attribution is required, usually, authors appreciate a little thank you.

List of photo libraries

Art archives

A lot of older art is available under an open access licence:

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Evaluation criteria

When adding a media resource to the list above, please add the following information:

  • Are the photos and videos free to use and under what licence?

  • Are they stock material or do they capture authentic moments?

  • How large is the media library?

  • What is the quality of the material?

Warning: Only libraries with free material should be added to this list! 'Royalty-freeโ€™ is not free.

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