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Learn how to use reddit for outreach and promotion
Last update: May 18, 2022

In this chapter we will discuss how to use Reddit as a social media tool for activist movements. We will compare Reddit with other

What is Reddit

Reddit is another vast and worldwide community that involves a lot of niche subcommunities called “subreddits.” Such subreddits can be as general as r/pics or as niche as r/screenwriters.

  • Unlike Discord, Reddit is not primarily used for promotions nor as a way to organize your project. Reddit is a free-for-all site where users can visit funny memes or chat about world news.
  • But if you utilize the power of subreddits, that is, if you promote your message in the right community, you will be able to find like-minded members to join and/or follow your movement.

How to promote your movement in Reddit

Avenue 1: Promoting on niche subreddits

This is a great way of finding the desired members or audience for your activist project.

  • Of course, you can only promote your project after attaining permission from either the moderators or the set rules of the community to promote your project. You can find the rules on the right column of each subreddit. Failure to follow rules will usually land with your account being banned and your promotion deleted. After you’re sure you’re allowed to promote on that subreddit, you can go ahead!
  • “Choose subreddits with the most participants that are as close as possible to your promoted product or service. Usually, these subreddits have a greater potential for attracting visitors.”
  • Choosing to promote in niche subreddits will lower the chance that your post will get lost in the tide and increase the chance that you will attain the members or audience you crave.

Avenue 2: Creating a post

  • Use keywords for optimal search
  • Don’t make hyperlinks in your post:
    • “Share your blog’s name without linking it to the domain. For example, write “Travelpayouts” instead of “”. Make it seem as though you are mentioning the brand for the convenience of other users and not just trying to promote it. Those who are interested will find your brand anyway while you won’t attract the negative attention of admins.”

Post quality content:

Note: Ensure you are consistent and on-brand with your movement:

  • Have an intriguing picture to connect with users
  • Have professional (but also casual!) formatting
    • No grammatical errors
  • Bolded and underline subsections
  • One paragraph = one thought
  • Using keywords
  • Make it personal
    • No one wants to feel like they’re reading a promotion from a faceless organization. Write with first-person singular or collective pronouns like “I” and “We” to create that connection between you and the viewers of your post.

Avenue 3: Commenting on an already popular post

  • “The easiest way to get upvotes and karma is by commenting on the most popular posts, such as those featured on the front page. You can leave a separate comment or engage in current discussions, which is even more likely to earn you some karma.” (TravelPayouts)
  • Tip: You need to make sure that as you’re promoting by comments and such, you’re attaining karma. Karma on Reddit is essential a like or an upvote you’ve gained from a post or comment you posted. Moderators usually look at how much karma you have when you post to make sure that you’re being a meaningful contributor to the community, and not just posting haphazardly.

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