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Support desk tools for activists

Last update: May 17, 2021

Currently, we have not elaborately tested all of these tools. Feel free to try them out and leave some comments for fellow rebels here!

Omnichannel tools

These tools allow you to respond to messages from all sorts of platforms. You can easily appoint specific people to conversations so that everyone knows who needs to answer. These tools also allow integration with chat bots.

Open source options:

  • ⭐️ Chatwoot: An open source alternative for Intercom. They also offer a free plan and one of their paid plans is free for open source projects. You can also host this tool yourself if you want. Activist Handbook uses Chatwoot!
  • Papercups
  • Chaskiq
  • Erxes: An all-in-one open source platform with tools for customer support, message inboxes, forms, email newsletters, and project management. This tool is targeted towards marketing and businesses. You can host it yourself, and they also offer a commercial plan.

Commercial options:

  • Eazy: Provides an easy to use dashboard where you can see all messages that you receive over multiple platforms.

Chat bot

  • Dialogflow: A service by Google Cloud to build chat bots. A free plan is available. A plugin is offered to easily add the bot to your website.
  • Rasa: An open source platform to build chat bots. You need to host this tool yourself. Some technical knowledge is required to use this platform.

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