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TikTok for activists

Using TikTok for your protest movement
Last update: Jan 18, 2022

In this article, you will learn how to use TikTok effectively as an activist, without wasting your time feeding the algorithm. Also make sure to check out our articles about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other socials.

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Most articles about TikTok activism have the following issues: (1) they are written in magazine style, not as practical guides; (2) they are not critical of its censorship; (3) they are not evaluating the actual impact made. In other words: they are wasting people's time by letting them believe they will magically start making societal change by using TikTok. We can do better.

Suggestions for topics to talk about:

  • How to avoid a shadow ban
  • Criteria for good videos
  • How to measure actual impact made (and evaluate whether filming yourself dancing, for example, is worth the effort)

You can also find a more general article on using social media to mobilise protestors. And we have created a chapter about communicating effectively.


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