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BKB Academy

Training for political campaigners and activists
Last update: Jun 1, 2022

The BKB Academy is an extensive training program for political campaigners and grassroots activists. Every year a small group of change-makers follows a training program organized by experts in the field of campaigning. The program consists of theory and practical assignments.

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Registrations for the BKB Academy open around the end of spring/early summer. The selection procedure consists of submitting a CV, answering some questions in a form, pitching a campaign idea and an online job interview.


Participation in the BKB Academy costs €1,250 and a deposit of €250, which will be refunded if you attend all sessions. This includes the costs for the election trip. If you cannot afford to pay this amount, it is also possible to pay in instalments.


The program of the BKB Academy consists of one training session of two days per month:

  • Election trip: Every year all participants of the BKB Academy travel to a country where elections are currently taking place to learn about their campaign strategies. Previous countries that participants went to are South Africa, Germany, the US, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel and France. Elections in the Netherlands also closely followed.
  • Speakers: The program invites all kinds of speakers to talk about topics such as public speaking, online campaigns, formulating your message, negotiation and grassroots campaigning.
  • Practice: A large part of the program consists of working with practical assignments.

Who participated before?

Every year since 2000, about 25 people participate in the training program of the BKB Academy. All previous participants are listed on the BKB Academy website.

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