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Sexual Harassment inside activist groups

Recognition and Prevention
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Last update: Nov 8, 2023

Sexual assault and harassment are happening in political and activist organisations. Sometimes they are even harder to address because people hesitate to recognise that these problems persist inside progressive groups. This article explores the background of why sexual assault and harassment are happening and what we can do to prevent it.

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What is sexual assault and what is sexual harassment?

Structural Background

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Awareness & Prevention Structures in the organisation

Persons responsible

Training of the Responsibles

Possible Measures

Awareness & Prevention Structures during Activist Events

Political Camps

Benefits of tackling this in the context of political camps: The participants of camps for political purposes are together for a longer period of time and are brought together by shared ideas and expectations. This also offers the possibility to tackle the issue of possible sexual assault beforehand and during the event - for example in workshops.

Events like this should anyways also have their own support structure for survivors.

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