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Pizza & Write-a-thon: Programme 🍕📝

What our day will look like
Last update: Dec 11, 2021

On this page, you will find the programme for the Pizza & Write-a-thon event. As prep team, we are finalising the last bits right now. We will update this page as we are working on it.

All times on this page are in CET.

10:00 Breakfast together

Between 10:00 and 10:30, we'll have an optional breakfast together so we can get to know each other. Those visiting one of our physical hubs, can take some food with them. The participants in our online hub can join in virtually.

10:30 Introduction session

We will start the event at 10:30, so make sure to be in time. We will walk you through the programme, sharing some important information you will need during the day.

11:00 Icebreakers

After the introduction session, we will get to know each other a bit better. We will start a round of names and pronouns and some icebreakers.

11:30 Production block 1

During the first production block, your affinity group will get together to work out what exactly you are going to write about. You will divide tasks and get the first bit of work done. At the end of this session, you will pitch your ideas to your hub. Prep team members will join to help your group get started.

13:30 Lunch

After kicking off the day productively, you will join your fellow hub members and have some lunch. You can also use this time to recharge a bit. Don't forget to share some pictures of your hub.

14:30 Production block 2

Now that you have a clear idea what you want to produce today, the hard work starts. That clock keeps ticking, so put on our Spotify playlist and get in the zone.

16:30 Break

At this point, your adrenaline levels might be reaching new highs, wanting to take a final writing sprint to the end. But let's take it easy just for a moment. Be gentle with each other so we can be dangerous together. ❤️

17:00 Final production block

Wow, we are almost there! Use these last 40 minutes to finalise your work and prepare a presentation. And remember: our work together does not end here. All work on Activist Handbook is alive: it grows and gets stronger over time. We recommend you to focus these last moments on determining your next steps.

17:40 Presenting

At 17:30, it is time to present your hard work to your fellow hub members. You should be proud of what you achieved. Not only did you produce awesome new content for Activist Handbook. You contributed to building a new international community of rebels.

18:35 Reflection

Nothing is perfect. We will use these last moments before dinner to reflect on the event and our group work, so we are even better together next time.

19:15 Pizza

Finally, it's time for what you really came here for: pizza!

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