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Stopping forced marriage

Organising a seminar to prevent child and forced marriage
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Last update: Mar 2, 2023

Child marriage is any marriage where at least one of the parties is under 18 years of age.

This arrticle was written by Rebel Hub SRHR during โ€œThe Interrnational Rebel Assemblyโ€.

Why is a seminar essential to fight the child marriage

  1. To create awareness on the human rights of the child and freedom of choosing how and who to live with in life

  2. To bring different stakeholders on one table so as to understand the root cause of the problem.

  3. How different stakeholders with different powers and roles can work together so as to reduce the number of child marriage.

  4. Finding the gaps and finding ways of filling the gap that increases the rate of child marriage.

  5. Highlighting the consequences of child marriage

Different target groups

Child marriage are influenced by some groups who we believe if placed on one table can affect the reduction of child marriage.

Some of the targets include

  1. Parents

Both the mother and father play a major role in influencing the child to be married early

They are mostly are the ones who victimised their children into marriage with different reasons.

  1. Teachers

some Of the reasons that influence parents to marry their children early is due to low performance of the children. The need for having teachers on board is to discuss on ways we can improve the performance of the children.

Forced marriage

Forced marriage is a marriage in which one and/or both parties have not personally expressed their full and free consent to the union.

Child can also be said to be a forced marriage since it happens without the child approves it.

Agenda of the seminar

Here are some of the agendas that would bear fruit if discussed during the seminar

  1. Causes of forced marriage

  2. Who are affected mostly is it girls or men

  3. Ways on which we can reduce forced marriage in the community

  4. Roles played by community to ensure reduction of forced marriage


Finding the right speakers during a seminar is very important as who speaks will determine how they will listen and contribute to the seminar

  1. Chiefs

  2. County commissioner

  3. Youth who are role model to the communities

  4. Cso's

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