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Last update: Apr 30, 2022

We invite all activists and movements to participate in the International Rebel Assembly by hosting a local hub. If you would like to join with a local hub, apply as hub coordinator.

On the 30th and 31st of July, change-makers from across the globe are coming together in local hubs, to write practical guides for rebels. Help us organise this event by becoming a local hub coordinator!

Sign up with your hub

Applications for the position of hub coordinator have closed (the deadline was Friday 29 April 23:59 UTC). Still want to contribute to Activist Handbook? We'd love to get to know you!

👉 Schedule a call with one of our volunteers.

Invite your friends!

Joining together with friends is more fun, so make sure to invite 2 or 3 fellow activists to sign up as well:

Role description

As a hub coordinator, you organise a local hub as part of the International Rebel Assembly. You will promote your rebel hub to recruit participants, arrange the logistics, and facilitate during the event.

Who are we looking for?

  • You agree with our principles.
  • You have experience as an activist, are politically involved or have shown interest in changing our society for the better in any other way.
  • You are not afraid to take initiative and are eager to learn. You can make others enthusiastic about your projects and able to work with a diverse group of people.
  • You can be committed to this role at least till August. You can invest 3 hours per week in the project. The required time will more closer to the event.
  • You are confident in understanding and speaking English.

What are we offering?

  • You will get to grow your network and make lots of new local & international friends.
  • You will make big positive impact, working together with a close team of enthusiastic and motivated volunteers who are not afraid to think big.
  • You will get extensive training to help you make your rebel hub a success. Experienced activists form all over the world will be teaching you concrete skills in organising, promotion, outreach and group facilitation.


What is this event about?

During the International Rebel Assembly, activists from around the globe will be getting together in small local hubs to write guides for change-makers.

The event is an intense, sprint-like team work activity that lasts for only 2 days, and produces clear written outputs. All your work will be added to Activist Handbook, the Wikipedia for rebels.

What is a rebel hub?

A rebel hub is a small self organised group of change-makers who share the same geographical region. Hubs get together online or in real life during the International Rebel Assembly.

You can start your own hub and invite fellow activists. Both individuals and existing organisations can host a rebel hub. Rebel hubs are set up by two or more hub coordinators. Although we expect the hub coordinators to be proficient in English, speaking English is not a requirement for other hub participants.

Who can apply as hub coordinator?

We invite all green, social and progressive activists who live in the following timezones to apply: UTC-1 to UTC+4 (Africa, East & West Europe, Middle East).

What will the program look like?

In the months before the event, hub coordinations will receive extensive training from the international prep team. In collaboration with the prep team, the hub coordinators will be choosing themes to write about.

During the event, the participants will brainstorm about the exact topics they want to write about, within the beforehand selected themes. There will be icebreakers and community building sessions. And most importantly: the participants will be writing guides for activists.

The hub coordinators will facilitate this programme, with the help of the prep team.

What will we be writing about?

We will write guides for activists. The hub coordinators and the prep team will decide together what themes each hub will write about. The participants will write about topics within those themes.

For example, one hub could write about the wellbeing of activists. And another one could write about promotion and outreach. Hub coordinators will be able to choose themes that are relevant to their movements and local contexts.

Share the event

Make some noise on social media with the hashtags #TrainRebels #UprootTheSystem and share the link with your network:


We're building the Wikipedia for activists

And you can help us. Join our our international team, or start a local group of writers.

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