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Gender discrimination in the workspace

Guide for gender discrimination activists
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Last update: Mar 2, 2023

Gender discrimination comes in many different forms,but generally it means that an employee or a job applicant is treated differently or less favorably because of their sex,gender identity or sexual orientation. Gender equality is fundamental human right and that right is violated by gender based discrimination.

This article was written by Rebel Hub SRHR during “The International Rebel Assembly”.

Laws on gender discrimination.

In this section,you will find a wealth of information on gender discrimination in the workplace,Filling an EEOC (Equal employment opportunity commission) complaint,identifying sexual harassment,the equal pay act of 1963 and more.

The employment act,2007 requires every employer to ensure that men and women workers are paid equally for work of equal value.

Title VII of the civil rights Act of 1964 makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate against you based on sex,gender identity or your sexual orientation.

Events of Gender discrimination in work.

Skye Musson(plaintiff) explained on how she personally experienced gender discrimination in the workspace.They said there was no place for somebody like me in the office. I said,"ok,i will pack up and i will be out of here within 10 minutes". And i left my badges and everything else. Skye was passed over for a job that went to a less qualified male attorney.

In 2014, Emma Watson (actor), stated that " I m from Britain and i think it is right that i am paid the same as my male counterparts. I think it is right that i should be able to make decisions about my own body.

Second section…

-Workplace gender equality will be achieved when people are able to access and enjoy equal rewards,Resources and opportunities regardless of gender.

Gender discrimination comes in so many different forms which are;

-Being subjected to unwanted sexual advances.

-Being excluded from Important meetings

-Evaluated to different standard due to Gender

Women are promoted less often than men

-Unequal pay

-Females being fired or demoted due to a pregnancy.

How gender discrimination in the workspace affects the society

With the prevalence of gender discrimination, girls are exposed to possibility of;

  1. Teenage pregnancies

  2. Poor education

  3. Health and sexual abuse

  4. Exploitation and violence

  5. Child domestic abuse

How we as activists can address it.

We as activists can provide training on unconcious bias.We can review salaries and standardize pays.Activists can implement gender neutral recruitment processes.We can be transparent about the discrimination in the workspace.

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