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Advocating for better maternal health

Puting pressure on Kenya's government in order to build a better hospital system that takes care of women in labour
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Last update: Nov 19, 2023

The maternal mortality rate per year is considered to be around 23.8deaths per 100,000 live births. This can be avoided if we as activists could help in advocating for better maternal health care through various resources. This article will be a guide of how we as activists can help in improving maternal health thus reducing the maternal mortality rate.

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With corruption proving to be a major obstacle to achieving maternal rate. We have experienced a significant increase in Maternal mortality rate ,in addition the introduction of Covid-19 I n Kenya has only worsened the situation. As activists we can conduct protests in pressuring the government to improve the maternal health sector. Here are just a few ways of how we can protest.


Social media over the years since its introduction has proven to be a useful tool and can effectively be used to conduct protests pressurizing the government to improve The maternal health sector. Here is how you can use social media to pressure the government on improving Maternal health.

  • Creating a twitter hashtag such as #improvematernal health and circulate among people

  • Creating YouTube videos that showcase poor maternal health services thereby pressurizing the government to improve them.

  • Conduct fundraising through Instagram ,twitter , Facebook.

  • You can also recruit members through social media

  • Engaging the media and providing the information gathered. The media will circulate the information to more people rather relying on social media only.

With the growth of technology also comes different ways or improved versions of protesting and campaigning.


Activists could also actively play a big role in improving maternal health care by holding the government, policy makers, health practitioners. This can by tracking their developments and engage other activists or organizations that deal with human rights to question. The activists can also take the legal and sue the offenders. Taking the offenders will create fear and popularity around the issue at hand.

As activists we can search for sponsorships who are willing to invest on maternal health. It is easier for activists to find funds compared to the common man. This is because they have better resources compared to the common man.

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External resources

  • Book: Improving maternal health through social accountability by C Campbell(2013)


This article was written bij Rebel Hub SRHR during “The Interrnational Rebel Assembly”.

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