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Pizza & Write-a-thon: Preparation 🍕📝

Get ready to participate in the event
Last update: Dec 3, 2021

In this article, we explain everything you need to know before joining the Pizza & Write-a-thon event. First, we give a bit of background info on the event. Secondly, we talk you through how we will be working together on creating content in affinity groups. Thirdly, we give an overview of the programme. Fourthly, we explain how we try to build a welcoming community for everyone. Finally, we summarise a few steps that you need to take before the event.

The Pizza & Write-a-thon is organised by the following prep team: Joppe, Cri, Leksi, Marie and Mara. We are super hyped about this event and we are looking forward to finally being able to see all of your faces on the 11th!

We have been preparing an awesome day, and we cannot wait to tell you more about it. In this video, we will be sharing important info that you’ll need to participate in the event, so make sure to watch it all the way to the end.

About the event

This event part of a year-long project called ‘Youth Rebuilds a Brave New Europe’ by Federation of Young European Greens. This event is a collaboration between FYEG and Activist Handbook, the Wikipedia for rebels. The aim is to bring young people together and write guides for change-makers.

Practically speaking, the event will take place both online and offline. In cities all across Europe, activists will come physically together in local hubs.

At the same time, participants will be working together online with others who have shared the same topic of interest. They together will form the so-called ‘affinity groups’.

This will allow you as a participant to get to meet people in your same geographical area, as well as people across the continent, but also to meet people who are interested in similar topics.

Writing in affinity groups

So there are 5 affinity groups for the 5 topics we are going to write about: theory of activism, wellbeing & inclusivity, communication, digital tools and organising.

Every participant will join one of these affinity groups. As an affinity group, you should then discuss what subtopics you want to write about together and how to distribute tasks among yourselves.

To help you get started, we’ve thought of a few example subtopics that you can write about. Pause the video to read all the examples!

Here are all the affinity groups and some example sub-topics:

  • Theory of activism: Democratic and inclusive decision-making processes; Participatory democracy; Peer to peer education
  • ❤️ Wellbeing & inclusivity: Accessible activism; Activism burnout; LGBTQIA+ and POC inclusion; Empowering women in activist action
  • ⚡️ Organising: Improving relations among different movements; Organizing consistently; Self-organizing direct actions in activist movements
  • 🛠 Digital tools: Using digital tools to support activism on the ground; Open software apps for activists; Online privacy and activism
  • 💬 Communication: Effective communication for gaining supporters; Inspiring 'politically inactive' youth to get involved; Writing press releases

At the Write-a-thon we will not write for the sake of writing articles, but we want to bring about change. To make our content more accessible and easily readable, we have written a short guide on how to write effective articles.


The day will be divided into three parts.

Join us for an optional hybrid breakfast at 10:00 and be there at 10:30 sharp when we will start with the event for the day. First we’ll come together, get to know each other, share expectations for the day and prepare our minds for the workday.

The so-called production blocks will last from 11:30 until 17:30. This is where the magic happens. This time will be a mixture of very brief online meetings with your affinity groups to coordinate with each other, and offline individual work for you to produce the content assigned to you.

In the last part of the event each affinity group will present their work, and all together we will reflect on the day, and be proud of what we created!

Finally, the time will come to order pizza.

Also make sure to check out the full programme.

A welcoming community

We will not be together in the same room but we have several ways to feel connected with each other across online spaces.

Most importantly, we will all be connected across Telegram chats. Make sure you are a member of the three most important chats: the Pizza and Write-a-thon chat, your affinity group chat and your hub chat.

Check our collaborative photo stream both before and during the event. We encourage you to add your photos, so that we can see what your hub looks like! After the event, we’ll share a nice collection on our socials.

While writing, keep up the good vibes by playing some music. We’ve got you covered with the start to a Pizza & Write-a-thon community playlist, but with your help we will make it even better.

Head over to the playlist and add your favorite and local protest tune!

There will be an online safe space on Zoom available for you at all times during the event.

There a member of the awareness team can address your needs if that’s what you’d like, or it can just be a place for you to find some headspace away from the action happening all around you.

Next steps

There are just a few more things you really need to do before the event:

  1. First of all, join the telegram chat of one of the affinity group, and if you haven’t done so yet, also join the group chat of your local hub.
  2. Secondly, meet up with your affinity group online before the event, to discuss what kind of content you’d like to create as an affinity group. Now this is important, because already in the morning, you’ll need to pitch your idea!
  3. Finally, share your protest pictures and tunes in our photo stream and spotify playlist, so we can get to know each other a bit already!

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