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The International Rebel Assembly 🦋

Producing guides for change-makers
Last update: Jul 5, 2022

On the 30th and 31st of July, change-makers from across the globe are coming together in local hubs, to write practical guides for rebels. In less than 48 hours, you will produce something concrete that will help activists around the world make an impact.

This page is also available in Greek and French.

Open calls 📢

You can join as a member of the prep team, a local hub coordinator, or as a participant:

  • Prep team — Call closed, the deadline was 20 Feb at 23:59 UTC
  • Hub coordinators — Call closed, the deadline was 29 April at 23:59 UTC
  • Participants — Call closed, the deadline was 30 June at 23:59 UTC

In short

No-one is born an activist. And our education system certainly does not tell us how to rebel. So let's write a handbook together.

We are so done with this shitfuckery. It is time to train rebels and uproot the system. Real people need real practical help in our fight against injustice. No more blah blah blah. At the International Rebel Assembly, we do not write articles just for the sake of writing articles. We want to bring about real change.

The event is an intense, sprint-like team work activity that lasts for only 2 days, and produces clear written outputs. All your work will be added to Activist Handbook, the Wikipedia for rebels.

  • 🌍 Join one of the local hubs
  • 📝 Contribute to Wikipedia for activists
  • ⏰ Work together in a 48-hour sprint


Who can join this event?

We invite all green, social, and progressive activists who live in the following time zones to join: UTC-1 to UTC+4 (Africa, East & West Europe, Middle East).

Who is organizing the rebel assembly?

A prep team consisting of activists from around the globe will be coordinating this decentralized event. We invite all activist movements to participate in the International Rebel Assembly by organizing a local hub.

How do I organize a local hub?

If you would like to organize a local hub, you can contact us by mail.

What will we be doing?

All over the globe, activists will be coming together in local hubs. In 48 hours, we will be producing practical guides to help change-makers make an impact.

Share the event

Make some noise on social media with the hashtags #TrainRebels #UprootTheSystem and share the link with your network:


We're building the Wikipedia for activists

And you can help us. Join our our international team, or start a local group of writers.

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