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Last update: Apr 17, 2022

On this page, we provide you with some template messages and visuals that you can use to share the International Rebel Assembly. Use these texts to get inspired. We encourage you to change them up a bit. You can also find promo images at the bottom of the page!


A friend invited me to join the International Rebel Assembly. Would be cool if we'd participate as hub! Anyone else interested?


Share it in your story & tag 3 friends who might want to join you!

Join me at the International Rebel Assembly! Activists from around the globe will be coming together to write guides for @activisthandbook, the Wikipedia for activists.

#TrainRebels #UprootTheSystem


Tag 3 activist movements that you think should participate in this event!

Are you able to mobilise 5 fellow activists? Then you can participate in the International Rebel Assembly!

Let's write a handbook for activists together. Sign up here:

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🦋 Time to rebel

I've been trying to make a positive impact. Turns out changing the world isn't easy. You know what makes it even more difficult? The fact that no-one is teaches us how to be an effective activist.

What if would write a handbook for activists? Activist Handbook, the Wikipedia for activists, is trying to do exactly that. Rebels around the world are getting together to write guides for change-makers.

Wanna join me at this event? Sign up:

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We're building the Wikipedia for activists

And you can help us. Join our our international team, or start a local group of writers.

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